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There is a good article in today`s Sunday Post about me and my writing. The journalist, Murray Scougall, was a little different form others in recalling my early visit to a German family which, heroically, had sheltered British soldiers from Hitler along with the glamorous memory of when I was invited by a beautiful young Canadian lady to hitch-hike round Germany with her. This was, I should say, about 140 years ago when I was a youngster. However, I have never forgotten the adventure of exploring or the kindness of ordinary people almost anywhere. It is true that these early experiences were among the main drivers for my travel writing. Germany does not always get the most favourable press abroad but for much of history it was one of the most civilised places in Europe. It is a  beautiful country and I have always found it friendly. I will write about that in a  future book. However, delighted as I am about this publicity and the mention of my latest ( and so far best-selling) book  Coffee,Castanets and Don Quixote Mr. Scougall did not mention either where to buy it or my website for more information. I think the best value is currently from the excellent Books4Spain website which,I think, even slightly undercuts Amazon at present ( if you click on the book`s name it will take you to the page. It is currently featuring as one of their most highly recommended books. Click on the website`s name and it will take you to their full range of books) Anyone with an interest in Spain or Spanish things will find lots of very fascinating material there. My murder story “The Women from Crete” set largely in Ronda, Spain is also available there. It is an easier site to use than some of the giant retailers because it specialises more and categorises better. I`d love to see similar sites for books about Italy and Greece. If anyone is interested in developing one then I`m sure Rod Younger at Books4Spain would be delighted to share experiences on a commercial basis. My website, www.rngnovels.co.uk gives, of course, much more detail and background about me and my writing. It also gives the first 17 posts I did before moving the site to this one for a greater range of options.